“I design and create my original collages and wall pieces at my studio and home in Toronto.
My background is in architecture, craft and fine arts.

I follow my interest in color and texture through paintings and collages. The artwork I create is abstract; the work is not literal, but each viewer can imagine context, since the visuals relate to architectural elements, geometry and nature inspired themes. Quilts and their patterns have always fascinated me; they are a source of continuous inspiration.
Many thin layers of color are applied on acrylic painted canvas using a personal developed technique that allows transparency and texture.

Additional layers could include any combination of handmade paper, fiber, gold leaf, beads, driftwood, copper wire, botanical findings like leaves, bark and twigs or old family photographs.
I sometimes draw into the images with graphite and colored pencils."

Irina is a member of the Ontario Crafts Council and a board member of Cabbagetown Art and Crafts Show.

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